The Hedge Fund Candidate

Andrew Sullivan —  Feb 1 2012 @ 1:30pm

Well at least we now know a bit about who gave Romney the money to carpet-bomb Gingrich in Florida, and Wall Street was high on the list. I love this detail:

One of the Goldman executives who donated to Restore Our Future, Jim Donovan, is the same person who handles the Romney family’s considerable investments with the firm, which total as much as $36.7 million.

But the idea of any "coordination" between them is preposterous. Bonus nugget: another Adelson, Sivan Ochshorn, gave to Gingrich. We really have returned to the days when political candidates were run and financed by plutocrats. From the small donors of the Obama campaign in 2008 to the Wall Street financiers of 2012 – all made possible by a Republican majority on the Supreme Court.

And what do Romney and Gingrich promise? An end to re-regulating Wall Street and a return to the wild days before the Great Recession.

By the way, Haaretz has a fascinating piece on the Adelsons, especially Miriam, and her remarkable outreach to drug addicts. One of Sheldon Adelson's sons died of an overdose (he used heroin and cocaine from an early age, apparently) and another, according to the piece, is still an addict. Being that rich is a curse for many. But Miriam Adelson seems like an extraordinary person to me.