“The Most Annoying Tweet Imaginable”

Andrew Sullivan —  Feb 1 2012 @ 12:18pm

Megan Garber calls the above tweet "algorithmically, the Most Annoying Tweet Imaginable" based on a new paper on the microblogging service. Her advice as to how to do it right:

Twitter, as a communications platform, has evolved beyond nascent Twttr's charmingly mundane updates ("cleaning my apartment"; "hungry") and into something more crowd-conscious and curatorial. Though Twitter won't necessarily replace traditional news, it increasingly functions as a real-time newswire, disseminating and amplifying information gathered from the world and the web. At the same time, though, being social, it functions as a source of entertainment. Which means that we have increasingly high — and increasingly normalized — expectations for Twitter as both a place and a platform. We want it to enlighten us, but we also want it to amuse us. In that context, tweets that are informative or funny — or, ideally, informative and funny — evoke the best responses.

The same goal the Dish strives for.