What’s Palin’s Game?

Andrew Sullivan —  Feb 1 2012 @ 2:04pm

During the primary post-game last night, Sarah said she'd vote for Newt in Nevada to keep the race going. Allahpundit poses a question:

She’s made this point about keeping the primaries going at least three times before, I believe. Has any Fox News reporter thought to ask her point-blank yet whether in theory that would mean encouraging people to vote for Romney if suddenly there were a big momentum shift and Newt started winning states? Somehow it’s hard for me to imagine that, but she should at least have a chance to answer.

E.D. Kain thinks Palin picked the losing team on purpose: 

She’s shrewd enough to see what Newt’s campaign represents – the resurgent grassroots conservatism that is propping it up; the remnants of the anti-establishment Tea Party, or at least that sentiment. It’s a sentiment of loss – of preservation against all odds. See, Palin doesn’t want to win. She doesn’t even want her guy to win or her cause to win. There’s more to gain from losing. That’s her entire shtick, and she knows it.

I suspect that rogues of a feather flock together.