Romney: “I’m Not Concerned About The Very Poor” Ctd

Andrew Sullivan —  Feb 1 2012 @ 7:58pm

Republicans aren't happy about Romney's unforced error. Douthat thinks it could have been worse:

His "I’m not concerned about the very poor" comments were embedded in an attempt — however clumsy and faltering — to define himself as a champion of the hard-pressed middle class, and to distance himself both from the "just expand the welfare state" politics of the left and the "just cut taxes on the wealthy, and the rest will take care of itself" politics that too often defines the contemporary right. He may not have hit that sweet spot, but at least he knows that the sweet spot exists. Whereas many conservatives seem convinced that the best way for Romney to counteract his image as an out-of-touch Richie Rich is to embrace policies that are only likely to confirm that stereotype.

Amy Davidson, meanwhile, underscores Romney's gaffe by reminding us that children are a large percentage of the nation's poor.