The Daily Wrap


Today on the Dish, Andrew wrote a paean to Obama's handling of the withdrawals from Iraq and Afghanistan in an election year and tracked the conservative crackup over, respectively, Romney's "very poor" comment and Obamneycare. We followed the broader reaction to the former, wondered if Romney was too perfect, marvelled at his endorsement from the Donald, and (reality) checked his polling against Obama. Romney jumped ahead in Nevada while Paul looked in position to land a second-place place. Ron's segment of the GOP might have become critical to the party's hopes (certainly if the online primary is any guide), Newt had an awkward history with Paterno, Santorum entered the Bad Lip Reading contest, and veep speculation began. Self-deportation remained ridiculous, Super PACs conquered the election, Presidential races weren't worth your money, and it didn't look like killing bad guys helped the President much. Ad War Update here.

Off the campaign trail, Andrew slammed the absurd legal regime and institutionalized hypocrisy surrounding marijuana in NYC and DC (follow-up here). Assad's grip on power slipped, the Muslim Brothers betrayed the revolution, our money hurt Afghanistan, NATO enlargement got debated, global war wasn't coming, and aliens complicated global politics. American history hamstrung our bureaucracy, interest in tinkering with Obama care might (fingers crossed) have been piqued in the GOP, Eric Cantor shielded congressional insider trading, new voter ID rules hurt disadvantaged inner-city blacks, and segregation may (or may not) have declined. The power of the state over religious institutions proved contentious, vegetarianism felt passe (to some), college went global, Groundhog Day got a detailed treatment, Parks and Rec was all over abbrevs. VFYW here, FOTD here, and MHB here.


(Photo: Attenders of a welcome ceremony for the 170th U.S. Army Infantry Brigade upon the troops' return from Afghanistan salute at U.S. Army Garrison Baumholder on January 28, 2012 in Baumholder, Germany. The 170th Infantry Brigade, which is based at Baumholder, is one of four Army brigades stationed in Europe. U.S. military officials announced recently that two brigades will likely be withdrawn in the near future as part of a broader cost-cutting effort, and analysts have cited the 170th as a likely candidate. By Ralph Orlowski/Getty Images)