Ad War Update

Andrew Sullivan —  Feb 3 2012 @ 12:00am

The Romney campaign launches ("What is a one term Obama presidency worth to you?"): 

The Obama campaign responds by creating, which is comfortably outraising the Romney camp. Capitalizing on the "not concerned about the very poor" controversy, the DNC shoots out an insta-ad: 


First Read makes a good point about Mitt's latest foot-in-mouth moment:

[Romney] really can’t complain about being taken out of context. Why? Because one of his very first TV ads took President Obama out of context (quoting him as saying back in ‘08, “If we keep talking about the economy, we’re going to lose” – when Obama was actually quoting a McCain aide). You reap what you sow… [A]s for the quote IN CONTEXT, it is a little less bad but still awkward, frankly. 

Alex Burns adds

Romney's campaign didn't just take Obama's words out of context and hope viewers wouldn't notice. They argued that the ad was in-bounds as a form of tough politics aimed at contrasting Obama's message four years ago with Obama's message today. Even if you find that argument persuasive, you have to wonder at this point whether it was really worth giving up the right to complain about context in a very long campaign.

Here's the latest from Santorum's PAC, running in Minnesota:

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