Our Sugar Problem

Andrew Sullivan —  Feb 3 2012 @ 10:11am

Laura Schmidt, coauthor of a new study outlining the health hazards of sugary treats, wants to set an age-limit on them a la alcohol or cigarettes. Her reasoning:

The reality is that unfettered corporate marketing actually limits our choices about the products we consume. If what's mostly available is junk food and soda, then we actually have to go out of our way to find an apple or a drinking fountain. What we want is to actually increase people's choices by making a wider range of healthy foods easier and cheaper to get.

Tim Treacher mocks the idea:

Just imagine Prohibition all over again, except this time with sugar. Who would become the Lucky Luciano of licorice? The Al Capone of cupcakes?

Allahpundit sighs:

You would think that in an information age, as TVs and cell phones become ubiquitous even among the lower classes, nanny impulses would be channeled more frequently into public education campaigns than into regulation. Doesn’t feel that way, though, does it?

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