Romney’s Afghanistan Dilemma

He says he hates the accelerated drawdown in Afghanistan. Ackerman ponders Romney's spin:

Remember, a major part of Romney’s foreign policy critique of Obama is that Obama callously mistreats and neglects U.S. allies. The allies, however, want the 2013 timetable. Romney surely had to bash the change in the timetable; that’s all in the game. But Mitt doesn’t seem to have thought through the angles here. 

Larison tries to square the circle:

At present, Romney’s complaint is that Obama is publicly announcing something that all of the allied governments involved support, but he also wants to keep saying that Obama has done a terrible job of managing relationships with allies. Romney is remarkably flexible when it comes to policy positions, but I don’t think he will be able to keep making two mutually contradictory attacks at the same time.