Another Self-Publishing Success Story

A reader unwittingly merges an old thread with the current one on ebooks:

Franzen seems the type of bibliophile who values the book as an object as much as the words it contains. He needn't worry; just as there'll always be vinyl records, physical books will always exist for people like him (and me). Ebooks, though, represent the core of literary democracy and the best parts of capitalism: if you have an idea, put it out there and the people will decide if it's as great as you think it is. Ebooks take the power out of the hands of a select few editors and put it in the hands of readers.

I spent years shopping my novel to publishers and agents; after reaching the end of my patience I dumped the book into the Kindle Bookstore expecting only my mother to buy it.

I did no marketing. Somehow (I'm still not quite sure how) the word spread. Googling my name began turning up blogs I'd never heard of. Within two months of publishing, my little literary novel about homos on Cape Cod was sitting at #1 in the Gay Fiction section of the Kindle Bookstore. It stayed there long enough to put up curtains. A year after publishing, thanks to my awesome readers, I'm almost making a living at this.

Franzen is a wonderful writer, but hating on ebooks is a luxury he's lucky to have. If they'd been his only means of putting his work out there, I bet he'd love them as much as I do.

A collection of what one reader called "curmudgeonly gripes" from Franzen here.