Sex In The Stacks

Andrew Sullivan —  Feb 4 2012 @ 8:45pm

Avi Steinberg delves into people's fascination with library porn:

The threat of extinction has become a mainstay of recent library porn: again and again, the neglected love life of the librarian is a stand-in for the doomed state of the library generally. … "Throw me on my back in the dark room with the microfiche,” says the narrator of "Checking Out,” the final story of 2011’s Nympho Librarian. "Fuck me amidst the relics of a world that progress threw away."

On a related note, Chris Morran considers whether there should be private viewing rooms for porn in libraries:

There is much discussion in the Seattle area today after a mom claims that while on a visit to her local library with her two young daughters, she spied a man viewing hardcore porn on a computer with a screen that was facing out to the rest of the library. And when she complained about it to the staff, she says her concerns were shrugged off.

A rep for the Seattle Public Libraries confirmed that the institution can't tell people what to view or not view:

Filters compromise freedom of speech protected by the First Amendment. We're not in the business of censoring information.