To Serve Squirrel

Andrew Sullivan —  Feb 6 2012 @ 4:05pm

by Zack Beauchamp

Heather Smith predicts the "re-squirreling of the American diet:"

It’s hard to imagine more sustainable local game — squirrels are abundant, far from endangered, and don’t even require refrigeration the way that big game does. The standard rule of thumb is that one squirrel = enough meat for one dinner for one person. The squirrel is road food — the kind of prey that fed cross-country hikers, in the days before MRE’s and freeze-dried lentils. Squirrel is like the drive-through cheeseburger of the forest — albeit a cheeseburger that needs to be gutted first. They’re are also delicious, mostly because they eat nuts

My only real reaction to this (beyond a general "lesser evil" feeling about sustainable meat) is "gross." I wonder if I've been a vegetarian for too long.