The Daily Wrap


by Zack Beauchamp

Today on the Dish, Patrick called the primaries a huge loss for Mitt, Chris worried about the aftershocks of the Komen war during an election year and lowered the curtain on the Dish's operating procedure, and I tried to nail down the atheist/theist divide, didn't buy that Russia's veto over Syria was payback for Qaddafi, and argued that Ron Paul wasn't a fair test of libertarianism's appeal among young GOPers given his serious weaknesses on social issues. We profiled the crazy, irrelevant Missouri primary, hunted for Romneymaniacs, counseled Romney to speak up about his Mormonism, noted the distinctly non-dead "Not Romney" vote, saw more problems with women for Gingrich, told Newt to drop out, pooh-poohed the Santorum surge, marked Obama's turn towards SuperPACs, shined a light on the field's misperception of Reagan, and ferreted out some of the press' own biases in covering the race

On the "Prop 8 is unconstitutional" front, we posted the 9th Circuit's ruling against Proposition 8, corralled a few reax to the decision, spotlighted to pop-culture's influence on the ruling, and wondered if the Supreme Court might refuse to hear it. Rich people dominated marriage, single people had it rough, Charles Murray's definition of American "closemindedness" about values was odd, our prison system horrified, and the Komen debate continued. Israel wasn't slouching toward theocracy, France's election mattered, global censorship went private, and the war debate had gatekeepers. MIA's middle finger got overblown, Clint Eastwood declared it "Halftime in America" at halftime, doping found a defender, and vegetarianism was almost certainly better for animals than eating meat (and yes, Chris, that video was definitely gross. You got me.) Moore Award here, AAA here, VFYW here, MHB here, and FOTD here.

(Photo: Same-sex couple Breana Hansen (L) and Monica Chacon kiss as they celebrate outside of San Francisco City Hall on February 7, 2012 in San Francisco, California. By Justin Sullivan/Getty Images.)