Ad War Update

by Maisie Allison

The Gingrich campaign debuts a fun new "varmint hunter" website and this ad:

It appears that the Romney campaign quietly launched an extensive direct mail campaign in Minnesota over the weekend. Alexander Burns reports

On Saturday, [former Minnesota Republican Party Chairman Ron] Carey said, he received a pro-Romney mailer that showed the candidate with his “head bowed in prayer,” describing the former Massachusetts governor as “the strongest Republican to beat Obama and protect our values.” The same day, he got an anti-Gingrich mail piece with the branding, “Old dog, Newt tricks,” that spotlighted a ripped-from-the-archives Roll Call headline: “Gingrich quits.” The anti-Santorum piece arrived Monday, going after the former senator for his record on earmarks and telling voters: “Rick Santorum can’t change Washington.” Romney, on the other hand, was described as the “true fiscal conservative” in the race.

The pro-Romney PAC Restore Our Future looks ahead to Ohio, where early voting starts this week. Meanwhile, the RNC turns the tables on the empathy gap: 

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