The Daily Wrap

by Zack Beauchamp

Today on the Dish, I threw my hat into the ring on the birth control debate and Patrick explained why the Birthers aren't going after non-white Republicans. We compiled reax to Santorum's hat trick, insta-explained the impact on the race, tried to see if Romney could spin this (probably not),  wondered if Mitt was losing his narrative, saw the aura of inevitability waning, and thought that regaining it might cost him the general. Santorum started to be taken seriously by some while Pawlenty was pitied. The enthusiasm gap reversed, the "Obama independents" became a thing, and there's a new Ad War Update here

Sympathetic liberals opposed an intervention in Syria, Egypt's junta waged war on NGOs, and American novelists shirked from war. We found more Prop 8 reax, secular marriage sustained assault, and the Komen discussion continued. America's mobility problems were spotlighted, shifting from communism was hard, energy efficiency wasn't solving sustainability issues, and self-driving cars were a ways away. Opponents of pot legalization hallucinated and readers pushed back on the defense of doping. Your childhood made you fat, human attachment to reality got dissected, auteur theory was (debateably) bunkum, and a gorilla played the recorder. View from your Airplane Window here, Hewitt Nominee here, Yglesias Nominee here, Hathos Alert here, Chart of the Day here, AAA here, FOTD here, VFYW here, and MHB here.