When Opponents Of Marijuana Legalization Hallucinate

Andrew Sullivan —  Feb 8 2012 @ 3:21pm

by Patrick Appel

A Letter To The Editor warns that cannabis legalization could lead to children's day care workers smoking pot and dropping "little Johnny on his head." Scott Morgan combats this fantasy:

What we have here, and it's hardly a rarity in the marijuana debate, is a bit of a mix up between the rather divergent concepts of legalizing simple possession of marijuana vs. legalizing extraordinary acts of recklessness or insanity whose perpetrator happens to have consumed marijuana prior to the incident. The idea is that walking down the street with a gram of pot in your pocket would no longer be a crime. Walking down the street throwing snakes at people and screaming voodoo curses would still be illegal, but the amount of pot in your pocket at the time would be considered irrelevant at trial.