Personalizing The Political

Andrew Sullivan —  Feb 9 2012 @ 1:15pm

by Chris Bodenner

Zack Ford pithily sums up the Oppenheimer piece on Maggie Gallagher: "[I]t is hard not to read the profile without feeling that when she says, 'Every child deserves a mother and a father,' what she really means is 'My child deserved a father.'" Yet such deeply personal roots for her fight against marriage equality contrasts sharply with the impersonal way she views marriage:

Oppenheimer notes Gallagher’s claim that gay marriage is, for her, wholly detached from the happiness of individuals and that, according to Gallagher, marriage equality is an issue only insofar as it broadens her very narrow definition of what constitutes a marriage. This is why Gallagher is able to airily wave away the implications of her crusade, shrugging off suggestions that otherizing LGBT people contributes to the staggeringly high rate of LGBT teen suicide, violence against the LGBT community, etc., as so much collateral damage.

By the way, this sentence from the profile popped out:

[Her son] Patrick, now 31, a New York University graduate and aspiring musical-theater librettist, would not be interviewed.