How Do You Argue With Someone Immune To Evidence?

Andrew Sullivan —  Feb 9 2012 @ 8:21am

by Patrick Appel

Mark Oppenheimer profiles Maggie Gallagher, marriage equality's most notorious foe. Of interest:

In her forthcoming book, she writes that “including same-sex unions in the legal category of ‘marriage’ will necessarily change the public meaning of marriage for the entire society in ways that must make it harder for marriage to perform its core civil functions over time.” How do we know? We just do.

And even if somehow the evidence showed, conclusively, that same-sex marriage were good for children? Gallagher would still be dissatisfied: “Nothing could make me call a same-sex couple a marriage, because that’s not what I believe a marriage is.”

Gallagher's declaration that her mind cannot be changed is the statement of a fundamentalist. There is no greater sin against open debate than to preemptively seal oneself off from evidence. Will Wilkinson, on the other hand, considers what it would take for him to change his mind about various issues, marriage equality among them.