Something To Look Forward To

by Maisie Allison

In a new book, Peter Diamandis and Steven Kotler claim that in 25 years "everybody could have the access to the resources and knowledge to live fulfilling lives." Ronald Bailey summarizes their argument: 

Diamandis and Kotler begin by asking, why do so many of us despair of the future? They note that natural selection has shaped our brains to be hyper-vigilant about threats. The result is negativity bias, that is, a disproportionate focus on negative information and experiences. Comparatively rare bad news crowds out the more plentiful good—and we believe the world is going ever faster straight to hell. The two abundance visionaries strongly counter that, in fact, much of humanity has never had it better … They point out that doomsters only see the slices of the pie getting smaller; meanwhile, exponential technological progress is creating more pies for everyone.  Solutions to various scarcities don’t just add up, they multiply.