App Of The Day

Andrew Sullivan —  Feb 11 2012 @ 8:15am

The Dish has previously covered the neurological phenomenon of synesthesia, when senses are connected to one another. Nabokov, for instance, saw letters and numbers as specific colors. Artist Perry Hall has created a new app, Sonified, that enables the rest of us to experience light, colors and movement as sounds (example seen above). Steve Silberman is impressed:

I boarded a streetcar here in San Francisco, slipped on a pair of headphones, and aimed my phone out the window just as the train streaked past a row of brightly painted Victorian houses, accelerating through shafts of sunlight and shade on its way into a tunnel. The effect of the audio-visual-kinesthetic link-up was unexpectedly profound. Instead of feeling like Sonified was imposing its digital soundtrack on the world, I felt I was accessing a layer of reality that is normally hidden from us. It was like a little dose of Morpheus’ red pill in The Matrix.