Enhancing The World

Andrew Sullivan —  Feb 12 2012 @ 8:03pm

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Bioethicist Allen Buchanan believes that cognitive enhancement will produce major societal gains:

[P]art of what makes having your computer so valuable is that hundreds of millions of other people have computers. Similarly with literacy, if you were the only person who knew how to read certainly that would give you some advantages, but you wouldn't have nearly as rich a world as the one we live in where billions of people are literate. … Think about the kinds of interactions that we now have, and the kinds of enjoyments and productivity we can have because of the Internet. If you try and ramp that up, if you magnify it by many orders of magnitude, you might begin to get an idea of how human life could be if many hundreds of millions of people were cognitively enhanced.

(Partial view of a map of Facebook friendships worldwide)