Is Gingrich Finished?

Andrew Sullivan —  Feb 13 2012 @ 1:14pm

As Shelly withdraws and Santorum surges in the polls, Newt is forced into a fundraising frenzy: 

Gingrich is doing everything he can to raise money to stay in the race. He is traveling to California on Monday to raise cash even though the state doesn’t vote until June.  The campaign told the Atlanta Journal Constitution that Gingrich will hold eight closed-door fundraisers over the next three days, and Gingrich plans fundraising stops in Texas, Tennessee, New York, and Georgia over the next week. Money is crucial for Gingrich heading into the Super Tuesday primaries, where the geographical diversity of the states makes shoestring campaigning tough. 

Against National Review’s urge for him to step aside, Michael Brendan Dougherty pushes back

It’s not clear to me that the argument for dropping out is persuasive. Gingrich is still polling well in Southern states, and once we get more Republican debates, he could reassert himself again. His campaign is currently choking without media oxygen. 

I want him to stay in for a bit for entertainment’s sake. But I think Santorum more accurately reflects the militarist, big government Christianism that is at the heart of the current GOP. He believes what “Romney” “claims” to “believe.” And in some ways, I think a Santorum victory would so marginalize the GOP it might just begin to edge back to sanity. He might do better in the South if he can leverage the contraception issue – which seems now to have more traction with evangelicals than Catholics.