A GOP Reckoning On Marriage Equality

Andrew Sullivan —  Feb 15 2012 @ 8:42pm


Amy Davidson wonders when it will come:

One would think that, at a certain point, there would be a real confrontation within the Republican Party about this—one that goes beyond its libertarian wing’s impatience with the subject. Do you want children to grow up in a home with married parents? Do you want adults who live together to make a binding commitment, one that helps weave them into their community? Are your party’s candidates and alleged intellectuals turning out books complaining about the absence of both of the above, books with titles like "It Takes a Family"? Would you like to help plan, attend, and dance at the wedding of your daughter, nephew, brother—or your own marriage?

All of these people exist; so do their children. A wedding ring is the symbol of a transformative legal act, but it is not the sort of magic ring that conjures people out of nowhere or, pulled off, makes them invisible.

(Photo: Republican presidential candidate and former U.S. Senator Rick Santorum speaks during a rally February 13, 2012 in Tacoma, Washington. The state's caucuses will be held on March 3. Santorum, campaigning in Washington, answered questions about marriage equality legislation signed by Governor Chris Gregoire earlier in the day. By Stephen Brashear/Getty Images)