Do 98 Percent Of Catholic Women Use Birth Control? Ctd

Andrew Sullivan —  Feb 15 2012 @ 1:57pm


Sarah Kliff talked to the author of this study:      

Jones’s study does not find that 98 percent of all Catholic women have used contraceptives. What it does, however, bear out is the claim that many have made with this statistic: that sexually-active, Catholic women do tend to use contraceptives at the same rate as their non-Catholic counterparts. On that front, Jones looked at women who had been sexually active within the past three months. You can see the results of that question in the chart above [click to enlarge], where contraceptive use of Catholics look virtually identical to those of all women. 

The Bishops have lost. Now they want the government to impose on even non-Catholics a doctrine they cannot even persuade their own flocks on. Pathetic.