The Daily Wrap


Today on the Dish, Andrew explained why Obama and Santorum were the winners of the birth control fight and Romney, the Vatican, and the GOP the losers in a three part series (here, here, and here). He also focused on the bishops' inability to get their own believers to follow the rules on birth control, saw Romney fail on the auto bailout, found Paul's appeal to the youth in his foreign policy, applied the conservatism of doubt to Iran, noted an irony on Greece and Germany, thought the internet helped promote marriage equality,  and spread the word on a marriage equality fundraiser in Soho. We noticed Romney taking water during the long campaign, counted his dwindling war chest, figured Santorum might be able to dodge Mitt's negative ad barrage, wondered whether the former was actually more electable than the latter (counterpoint here), dug up a damaging old Santorum video on contraception, and watched Bush's legacy bite the GOP in the collective behind. SuperPACs saved the day and dead men couldn't vote. Ad War Update here.

TNR hosted a roundtable with views sympathetic to intervention in Syria and 2012 felt like 2003 on Iran/q to some. Readers defended women in combat, kids learned about birth control, the GOP needed to come to terms with marriage equality, President Bartlet was a (*gasp*) moderate, and conservatives lost the (pop) culture war. Morality and poverty were interconnected, Congress required more scientists and less lawyers, the US suffered from a dearth of primary care physicians, and the career ladder became unicorn-esque. Moore Nominee here, Email of the Day here, Creepy Ad here, Quote for the Day here, Hathos Alerts here and here, AAA here, VFYW Contest follow-up here, VFYW proper here, MHB here, and FOTD here.