The Delegate Scramble

Ron Paul's delegate strategy appears to be working:

In Minnesota, where Paul nabbed 27 percent of the caucus vote, the Paul campaign estimates that 75 percent of the current delegates are Paul supporters. In Colorado, where Paul got 12 percent of the vote, 50 percent of the delegates are Paul supporters. Now delegates face elimination rounds, so it’s unclear if the Paul campaign will be successful or not in maintaining these percentages. But the campaign is hoping to pull it off. 

Why it matters, according to Katrina Trinko:

Ultimately, the odds that Paul could get enough delegates to swing the national convention to a vote nominating him are nil. But the more delegates Paul controls, the more of an impact he can have on determining the GOP platform at the convention. Furthermore, if it does come to a brokered convention — admittedly an unlikely scenario — the Paul campaign will be ready. Benton refuses to speculate about what the specific odds are that there will be a brokered convention, but does say of the possibility, "We’ve always seen it as more likely than most people would."

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