Is The GOP Willing To Pay For War With Iran?

Andrew Sullivan —  Feb 16 2012 @ 8:23am

Steve Clemons is asking

It is ridiculous to think that a strike by Israel against Iran, that would in real terms tie the U.S. to the conflict, would not be staggeringly expensive and consequential. So, it would be interesting to hear from those who want to reside in the White House — and even the Obama administration which has some 'kinetic action' advocates on the inside — on what a more sensible financial management strategy for these proliferating conflicts, including an Iran war, would be. … Wars cost lots and lots of money — and if a substantial chunk of the GOP crowd wants these wars and feels that it is in our national interest to have them, then by all means they should start lining up some of the wealthiest in the country who are helping to agitate for these conflicts to pay more in taxes for them. 

Along the same lines, Friedersdorf revisits Woodrow Wilson's blunt rhetoric about the extraordinary costs of war leading up to US involvement in World War I.