Romney’s Absurd China Op-Ed

He basically accuses Obama of ushering in a Chinese century. Ackerman rolls his eyes:

You get a lot of invective about Obama and China. "Empty pomp and ceremony" for the Xi visit. "A near supplicant to Beijing" from the start. "Weakness," inevitably. The Asia Pivot is "gimmicky and vacuous." Romney pledges instead to "maintain a strong military presence in the Pacific"… which is exactly what Obama is vowing, and what the defense strategy the White House and Pentagon produced centers around. This is why Romney 2012 reminds me of Kerry 2004: the harsh rhetoric is inversely proportional to the substantive defense-policy difference.

Drezner focuses on the economic bit:

It's ludicrous for Romney to claim he doesn't want a trade war in the same breath that he promises "day one" action against China.  No wonder conservatives are labeling Romney's China policy as "blaringly anti-trade." To be blunt, this China policy reads like it was composed by the Hulk.  Maybe this will work in the GOP primary, but Romney and his China advisors should know better. 

Chris Hill, by contrast, lays out some real concerns about the current direction of US-China relations after Beijing's Syria veto.