Campaigning Against Goliath

Andrew Sullivan —  Feb 16 2012 @ 4:01pm

Pareene examines Santorum's tiny operation:

At the National Review’s Katrina Trinko points out, Santorum has bought $41,000 in airtime in Michigan, compared to Romney’s $824,000. So Santorum needs the sillier gimmicky ads, like a Romney doppelganger firing a shit-rifle in a warehouse, to go "viral." (We’re helping, Rick!) The best way to get free media pickup is to be extremely outrageous and/or shameless, so it’s all downhill from here, in terms of tone.

Chait lists Romney's many advantages. ABC News explains that Santorum has "rejected many of the trappings of a traditional presidential candidate": 

[I]t's not just that Santorum doesn't have an official campaign headquarters. Santorum travels light. He does not keep a large contingent of advisers in tow as he crisscrosses the country, and he still has no paid advance staff to ensure events run smoothly. … Monday night in Tacoma, Wash., the GOP State party head said he got a call from campaign representatives mere days before to see if the party could put an event — a rally — together. The short notice left the candidate addressing a damp crowd (a light rain started about 30 minutes after the rally began) in almost total darkness at the night-time outdoor get-together. The darkness created a glow around the candidate's face that made him look as if he were about to tell a ghost story.

See this photo we posted last night.