The Daily Wrap


Today on the Dish, Andrew labelled the above all-male Congressional panel on birth control "political and p.r. malpractice" that explained how this issue would haunt the GOP candidate, credited part of Santorum's rise to the contremps, projected a 1964 landslide if Rick won, wondered why no one was talking about Bush, found the roots of the unfunny teleprompter in racism, and chuckled at Santorum's assigned color on the poll charts. We read Romney's ridiculous China op-ed, checked out where Mitt might win, felt his Michigan homecoing awkward, and paired Romney with Dole. Santorum ran a campaign that fit in a shoebox, was surprisingly meh on electability ratings, got killed in 2006 on Iraq,  and looked like the anti-libertarian. Paul snuck off with delegates, the Tea Party went lukewarm, and a mystery man challenged Mitt. Ad War Update here.

Andrew also blasted Richard Cohen as potentially the worst "MSM mediocrity," dug up a reasonable bishop, took heart from Charles Murray's turn towards marriage equality, was cheered by a hilarious Hollywood interview, and worried the Tories were heading for an economic iceberg. Scottish indepence looked to matter to Americans, Assad promised to leave…eventually, drones devastated Yemen, and the GOP blanched at paying for an Iran war. We thought the GOP could learn from Jeremy Lin but rubbished the idea that he was anything like Tim Tebow. The women in combat discussion continued, a reader pinpointed a real concern in the theocon case against the birth control mandate, and marriage equality appeared to be an issue for the legislature. Chris Brown's Grammy disgusted, abandoned children struck a powerful chord, and Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter baffled. Cool Ad here, AAA here, VFYW here, MHB here, and FOTD here.