Where JPod And I Agree

Andrew Sullivan —  Feb 16 2012 @ 3:43pm

This interview by Kevin Sessums of Joan Rivers' and Cher's former agent, Billy Sammeth, is simply unmissable. Just stop everything and read it if you need a break from politics and want to read some unbelievable – and hilarious – honesty. Rarely do you get this kind of candor in Hollywood. Money quote from Sammeth:

You know how you can tell Cher is a great fucking actress and deserved the Academy Award?  Because of her eulogy at Sonny’s funeral. This was someone she hated. Cher gave a brilliant performance when she delivered that eulogy because I knew how she really felt. I can tell you what I do think she cried so about. She cried that she never settled her differences with him, that they never had that resolution. That would be upsetting to her. But that he died? Please. She thought he was nothing but a used-car salesman.

Then this on Donald Trump:

[Joan Rivers] is in awe of him because he has money. Power to her is money. But I’ll tell you when Donald Trump showed his true colors to me. Joan took me to the Howard Stern wedding. We’re at the table with Trump. He goes "Joan …" He’s always so serious and humorless. "Joan, you know who would have been a great booking for Celebrity Apprentice and the network wouldn’t allow it? O.J. Simpson." I thought to myself, you are now finished in my book. You have just shown who and what you are. I thought—this was when Osama bin Laden was still alive—Trump could also cast him on the show with a bunch of other shits and let them all kill each other.