A Candidate Without A Cause

Andrew Sullivan —  Feb 17 2012 @ 8:40pm

Michael Gerson insists that "a purely financial argument for inevitability means that a candidate is not inevitable." Michael Brendan Dougherty goes further

According to Daniel Gross, Mitt Romney could plausibly call four different states a "home state", Michigan, California, New Hampshire, and Massachusetts. He's being outpolled by Obama in all of them. And the past month the news-media hasn't been talking about jobs, or jobs, or jobs. It has been about the Komen Foundation and Planned Parenthood, about whether Catholics must provide free contraception to their employees, about gay marriage bans being overturned by Federal courts. Mitt Romney can be taught to sing from the conservative hymnal on these issues, but he sounds out of tune on them. … [T]he Republicans may have a hard time answering the most important question about their nominee: Why him?