Searching For Hope On The Silver Screen

Andrew Sullivan —  Feb 18 2012 @ 10:09am


J. Hoberman wonders when we will start to see "an Obama-inflected Hollywood cinema":

The longing for Obama (or an Obama) can be found in two prescient 2008 movies—WALL-E (the world saved by an endearing little dingbot, community organizer for an extinct community) and Milk (portrait of another creative community organizer—not to mention a precedent-shattering politician who, it’s very often reiterated, presented himself as a Messenger of Hope). Nothing comparable has appeared since Obama’s inauguration….  Recent films like the lost wagon-train Western Meek’s Cutoff or [Clint] Eastwood’s own J. Edgar are still pondering the Bush years (poor leadership in the first and anti-terrorist panic in the second). Obama hasn’t really come up with a persuasive story beyond cleaning up Bush’s mess and that’s hardly great movie material—unless, of course, you figure out how to have a walking chunk of Mount Rushmore do your talking for you.

(Photo from the White House Flickr stream)