Mitt’s Homecoming, Ctd

Andrew Sullivan —  Feb 21 2012 @ 11:11am

I saw this clip about three times on cable yesterday alone, as I was searching DVRed episodes of The Soup and The Walking Dead (I know, right?):

Dreher is driven to drink:

[H]ow completely pathetic is this clip from a Romney speech? The man comes from Remulak, but has somehow managed to conceal his conehead.

Adam Sorensen is almost charmed by Romney's "goofy side": 

This is Romney being Romney. He really is from Michigan. His father really ran a car company. OK, he probably doesn’t care too much about the height of trees, but he is being awkward in a genuine way. The relentlessly upbeat thing isn’t an act. And for a guy who gets stereotyped as robotic and over-produced, you might think it might not be a bad thing. 

Holy Brigham Young. He even panders to the fricking trees? Or was it an elegant, almost Malick-like reference to how the trees looked when Mitt was young and …. nah, I give up. More Mitt Flanders context here.