The Luxury Of Healthcare

Kevin Zelnio's six-year-old son came down with something that looked like the flu but progressed into a scary case of pneumonia. He hesitated to bring him to a doctor because he doesn't have insurance

I tell my kids not to do things that I certainly enjoyed doing as a kid, like don’t climb high on trees, run a little slower on the trail, watch out for roots and stones! It’s not just the usual parental concern either. I’m consciously thinking "oh my God, I cannot afford to fix them if they get broke!" This is the luxury gap between the between the 20% of non-elderly Americans who are uninsured and the rest.

The luxury is, of course, being able to just walk into a doctor’s office and see them at the appropriate times. It is easy to discount this minority since most are at or near the poverty line. But many of the uninsured are like myself and just can’t seem to make the numbers work for a family of four each month by adding on private individual (i.e. non-group discounted) health insurance. Especially when you factor in the myriad other insurances we already pay: renter’s or home, wind and hail, flood, car, life, etc. It’s not that we are irresponsible, but the numbers. just. don’t. work.