The View From Your Window Contest: Winner #90


A reader writes:

My guess is based on the foliage (deciduous trees, which seem to have their leaves year-round, as well as a few sprinkled palm trees), and the Mediterranean-style architecture. I singled out Gibraltar because of the giant rock in the background. As for the specific location, it looks like it could have been taken on the Eastern coast based on the color of sunlight and angle of shadows. Here is a picture looking down from the rock that shows similar buildings. My guess is that this picture was taken on Europa Road, looking East by North-East. I'm stumped beyond that, and I look forward to some of the astute analysis by more experienced readers.

Another writes:

My guess is Locarno, or another similar city like Muralto, in Italian-speaking Switzerland.  I spent Easter there a few years ago and it was amazing – incredibly beautiful and relaxing.  I don't speak any Italian but I don't remember it ever being an issue.


Positano, Italy FTW. If not, more generally, this vista is surely within the Amalfi Coast region of the same country. On second thought, this might be somewhere in the Aegean, like the island of Syros. Ugh. No, we're going with Positano. If I am wrong about this, I will turn over my first born to the Dish as an indentured blogging servant.

We always need more help. Another:

Amalfi, Italy? I remember a 1951 movie I saw when I was a kid with Lloyd Bridges, Lea Padovani and Aldo Fabrizzi called Three Steps North. A guy returns to Italy after the war to retrieve some treasure he buried three steps north of a certain tree. He comes back and it isn't there. A local guy had dug it up and built a church with it! It features a great and famous song called, "Scalinatella." (If it isn't Amalfi, the hell with all of this.)


Monte Carlo? First time entering, but I stopped by there on our honeymoon and this is the first place that pops to my mind.


Monaco? Looks like a Mediterranean area, an the south of France has cliffs like that and it looks familiar.  First time entry, I'm probably dead wrong.

Quite close actually. Another:

IMG_2991This is the first time that a light bulb has flicked on when I looked at a VFYW entry. It's because I've actually been to Monaco and that mountain (along with the white and pastel coloured buildings) are characteristic of Monaco. This must be taken from Fontvieille, as Monte Carlo has many more highrises. Plus, I took a photo of Fontvieille (attached) from the Prince's Palace of Monaco and the mountain backdrop looks the same.


That was tricky, because it definitely was the rock overlooking Monaco. The picture seems to be taken from around the Marriott, which is at the border between Cap d'Ail and Monaco. The round, tan building is in Cap d'Ail, in Impasse du Stade. Which is why I'm going to suggest Cap d'Ail.

It's actually just inside Cap D'Ail, France. Another:

Here's a near identical photo from TripAdvisor. Both your reader and the TripAdvisor reviewer saved money by choosing the "Soccer Field View" rather than the considerably more expensive "Ocean View."

A view showing the two:


I earlier complained about the quality of this particular contest image, but I got over my annoyance and played anyway. The picture was taken from the Marriott Riviera La Porte De Monaco, which is actually located right over the border in Cap D'Ail, France. The phota was taken from a mid-level mountain view room over looking the soccer field. See the attached pictures which were taken from the Tête de Chien (the rock formation seen in the contest picture), wherein I have attempted to pinpoint the particular hotel room.


I admit I have no idea where this is, as usual, but this jumped out at me:

Mount Nixon

Does anyone else see a resemblance? Is Nixon still trying to "stonewall" things, just on a very large scale? By the way, it's interesting that there are almost no photos of him on the web. This one was on Wikipedia, from his meeting with LBJ after the '68 election.


The view reminded me of Monaco, and a bit of image searching revealed the distinctive hilltop to be the Tête de Chien ("Dog's Head") promontory that overlooks the nation. French-language Wikipedia tells us that the ability to mount modern artillery on this 550 meter high point marked the end of the strategic relevance of Monaco's fortress in the 18th Century. The County of Nice, in which it stands, went back and forth between the Duchy of Savoy and France over the course of that century and into the next. It is now in France.


I know that rock! I have several clients in Monaco and the rock that hangs above the city, La Tête de Chien (The Dog's Head), is recognizable from everywhere. I've also climbed up there with my girlfriend (now wife) only to discover there is road access and tourists snapping pics at the top when we got there, which she conveniently forgot to tell me about when she first suggested the climb.

Another sends a link to a rock climbing review with some spectacular photos. Another reader:


I confess that this one was done with the help of Google image search, which somehow recognised the mountain, despite not having an exact match for the picture; from there, it was a matter of time. I'm sure another of your regulars will have identified not only the window the photo is taken from, but also the house of the maid who most regularly cleans that room, but I'll console myself with the thought that enough of these close calls will eventually cycle me to the top of the list. One day, one day!


View From Field

I've never even tried one of these contests before, and I've only been to Monaco once, and then only as a day trip. It must have been something about the gorgeous Mediterranean buildings stacked up against a steep cliff, but Monaco was my first intuition and this is definitely it. I played around with Google Earth for awhile until I found that tan, circular building on the left side. Since the angle of this shot is slightly above and to the right of that building, I'm guessing it's the Marriott Riviera, and I'll say the 9th floor window closest to the left. The blank space below the picture is a practice soccer field, and to the right of that (unseen in the shot) is the Stade Louis II, where Monaco's soccer team plays. I've attached a few photos from various angles, and I've circled my guess in each.

Another oh-so-close entry:


My original reaction was to say the photo was taken from the window I highlighted in yellow, but then I figured it was too far to the right (plus, wouldn't you take that pic from the balcony if you had one of those rooms??).  So I moved my answer over to one of the square windows in the main section of the hotel. Part of me wants to move it down a floor, but I'm taking a chance that it's the single window on top (in red).  Still have that sinking feeling I'm going to lose by a window … damn.

The winner this week was the only previous correct guesser to get the correct floor:


This week's contest is likely to draw a bazillion correct guesses, but here's my entry.  Details in the attached PDF file.

From the submitter:

The photo was taken from room 818 at the Riviera Marriott Hotel La Porte de Monaco, Port de Cap d'Ail, Cap d'Ail, France.  The hotel is literally just across the border (which here means across the Avenue du Port) from Monaco. Marriott capd_room818

I have attached a photo to give you better sense of the exact location. It was taken from the soccer field (Cap d'Ail Stade Municipal) looking toward the back of the hotel.  Room 818 is circled in red with the arrow pointing at it.  The sort of interesting thing about the vantage point of the picture is that there are relatively few rooms in the hotel that overlook the stadium and face the mountain. Obviously the hotel's main selling point is the view of the Mediterranean from most of the rooms. 

Which goes to your question about what I was doing in Cap d'Ail in the first place.  I've just relocated to Monaco (from Singapore) for work and my company put me up at the Marriott in Cap d'Ail for my first month in Southern France, as my office is two blocks away from the hotel – in Monaco.  The picture was taken my first weekend on the Rivieria.

Update: Another winning entry, which slipped through the cracks among the hundreds of entries we received:

The window