You Know Santorum’s A Threat When …

Jennifer Rubin, previously frothy fan, unleashes the douche:

[Santorum's] ability to take mainstream conservative views (opposition to extreme environmentalism) and voice them in radical and intemperate rhetoric is essentially a model of “how to alienate skeptical voters.” If you accuse the president of having a “phony theology” you better be prepared to be taken for a religious zealot. And if he wants to play think tank scholar (in this case, talking about the secular substitution of various value systems in place of religion) he should get off the trail and speak much more precisely. (He often sounds like a man who’s read some smart conservative scholars but hasn’t the depth of understanding nor the finesse to express the ideas he’s read without sounding nutty.)

Matt Lewis suspects Rubin might not be blogging from the purest of motives. Sassy dude that Lewis.