The Last Debate?

Aaron Blake hypes tonight: 

First, this might be the final debate of the GOP presidential race — or at least, the last debate for a while. There are no other debates scheduled before the real Super Tuesday on March 6, and Romney’s campaign has not committed to a planned March 19 debate in Oregon. Indeed,  Romney’s campaign looks as though be done with debates altogether, citing the overwhelming number of them in declining to attend a scheduled forum in Georgia next week. That debate fell apart, and without Romney, future debates would as well.

Ed Morrissey anticipates that Santorum will be grilled on "spiritual" warfare: 

However he deals with these topics, Santorum has to show that he can both defend himself while bringing the debate back to the topics of religious and economic liberty rather than the relative merits of the Pill and IUDs.  If he can pull that off, Santorum may well rally the rest of the fence-sitters in the last national debate game show gladiatorial combat of the season.

National Review begs Republicans to stay away from MSM-sponsored debates in 2016. Friedersdorf, on the other hand, suspects that GOP candidates would rather take questions from CNN than right-wing radio hosts:

Candidates would much rather field predictable questions from conventional mainstream media reporters than whatever unpredictable, ethically thorny hypothetical Dennis Prager might dream up. Especially for frontrunners, who have the most power to dictate terms, there is reason to be risk-averse. A terrible gaffe can kill your bid. A great performance can't cinch the nomination.