Obama’s Non-War On Religion

Andrew Sullivan —  Feb 23 2012 @ 8:46pm

Steve Chapman details the ways Obama is using the federal government to protect religious conscience. His conclusion:

[T]he administration isn't simply doing the politically appealing thing. Anything but. Those who endorse letting faith-based groups have a free hand in hiring are mostly religious conservatives who wouldn't vote for Obama if he resurrected the dead. The congregations victimized by zoning regulations are too small to matter. Prison inmates [denied access to religious literature] generally can't vote. There is no detectable political gain in anything Obama is doing here… The president's detractors may continue to portray him as a secular fanatic with, as Rick Santorum claims, an "overt hostility to faith in America." Before they do, though, they might want to remember the Ten Commandments — especially the one about bearing false witness.