The Daily Wrap

Today on the Dish, Andrew kept putting the heat on Santorum's flagrantly un-Catholic support for torture, questioned the taste of a "particular" portrayal of Rick, analyzed more polling suggesting this primary was helping reelect Obama, and wanted more out of the President's tax reform policy. We looked at more reax to the Mesa debate, gaped at just how far Romney's defense of Arizona as a national immigration model put him, explained why Mitt was the prohibitve favorite in the state, and noticed him hitting a big donor wall. The candidates seemed able to prevent a brokered convention, veep frontrunner Rubio grew up Mormon, Obama used the presidency to protect faith, religion took over the right-wing views of the President on the economy, the auto-bailout helped the President, and the research on negative advertising was tricky.

Andrew wrote a short eulogy for Marie Colvin (a journalist killed by Assad forces in Homs, whose last blog post we linked to here), we examined the prospects for a non-violent resolution of the conflict, and American needed to chill out about its global non-problems. DOMA looked cooked, abortion became more common in the recession, buying from all-black business vexed, a writer apologized for a racist headline, people didn't get homeschooling, and a film on bullying met the censor. Borat's creator got banned from the Oscars, readers debated HBO's (pernicious?) influence on TV, and copyright inhibited creativity. Recipe patenting was possible (albeit silly), refusing police searches was also possible (and advisable, and leaks to journalists happened as a consequence of infighting. Vegetarians had to eat lab-grown meat, humanity's core nature was not having one, money made you heartless, evolution sorta explained baldness, amd readers enjoyed the reflections on aging and attraction (one by way of a sonnet later repurposed for Romney). AAA here, Yglesias Nominee here, Chart of the Day here, Quotes for the Day here and here, Tweet of the Day here, VFYW here,  MHB here, and FOTD here.