When Vegetarians Must Eat Meat


Julian Savulescu argues that vegetarians are obligated, on their own terms, to eat soon-to-be-viable artificial meat:

Currently, carnivores vastly outnumber vegetarians. To protect the environment and reduce cruelty to animals, vegetarians argue, we should stop carnivores farming animals and eating meat. Frankenmeat is an ethical alternative, as Mr Currie points out. However it is hugely expensive – £220 000. But if vegetarians were to eat Frankenmeat, they would increase its market, thus driving price down. They would also show it to be a palatable, socially acceptable alternative to farmed meat. This would make it cheaper and more attractive to carnivores, driving them away from farmed meat to Frankenmeat. By doing their bit, and eating Frankenmeat, vegetarians could do more to improve the environment or the maltreatment of animals than by refusing the dish on grounds of taste.

(Image by Mike Licht)