Ad War Update: Mitt Unloads In Michigan

First up, the Romney campaign ridicules Santorum for "taking one for the team" on No Child Left Behind: 

Romney also frames Santorum as an unprincipled Washington politician who lacks executive experience: 

Alex Burns reacts:

The Sotomayor criticism is notable, since she’s a figure of real popularity among some Latinos and particularly Puerto Rican voters. It’s also a bit awkward, timing-wise, since Romney justpicked up the endorsement of Tennessee Sen. Lamar Alexander, who supported Sotomayor for the Supreme Court.

After the jump, Romney dwells on the Specter wars:

Romney's Super PAC questions Santorum's "values":

Santorum's PAC responds with this new spot, the second in a series, which links Romney and Gingrich to Obama: 

Gingrich's Super PAC mocks Romney's putative "inevitability" as the establishment candidate: 

One of Ron Paul's Super PACs is raising money to run this whimsical spot:

As the GOP doubles down on its opposition to the auto bailout, the labor group AFSCME targets Romney in Ohio: 

Lastly, the American Future Fund ties Obama to Wall Street in nine key states: 

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