Ad War Update

Go here to watch most of the Michigan ads released on the homestretch. In this spot, the RNC plays the gasoline blame game, "Michigan Edition": 

Santorum's PAC continues the robo-onslaught in the state. For example:

FEMALE VOICE: I’m calling to make sure you’re aware that the government-run health care plan Mitt Romney passed in Massachusetts served as a model for President Obama’s plan that he imposed on all of us. The Romney-Obama health care laws result in higher costs, fewer choices for patients and it gives the government a much bigger role in all-important health care decisions. Obama used Romney advisers to help draft his bill and President Obama even praised the Romney approach and said, ‘We passed health care with an assist from Mitt Romney. It was a great Idea.’ As conservatives, we don’t think Republicans want a candidate whose approach to health care is the same as Obama’s. We want a change, not more of the same.

A new mailer from Santorum's PAC in Tennessee ("No one's excited about Mitt Romney"):


Gingrich's Super PAC also looks ahead to Super Tuesday (Newt's a "great visionary" who will "really just put Obama to shame"): 

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