The Daily Wrap

Today on the Dish, Andrew guessed at the significance of Romney's Arizona and Michigan wins, looked forward to Ohio, and declared Netanyahu a bigger threat to Obama than any of the GOP candidates (follow-up here). We put together our patented reax to the night's events, checked the calendar to pinpoint a spot where Romney might be dealt a serious blow, questioned whether Mitt could make any real policy shifts in the general, decided Romney and Santorum weren't all all that substantively different, questioned whether Rick had ever won the Catholic vote, and placed the odds of no candidate getting a majority of delegates at around 20%. The RNC screwed the pooch by creating this extended primary calendar, the GOP's youth problem got put in stark relief, Olympia Snow gave Obama a lovely electoral present, and readers pushed back against the suggestion that Obama's deep resevoir of black support was a consequence of his ethnicity.

Andrew also explained how temporary defeats ultimately strengthened the movement for marriage equality, if recent polling data is any guide. We looked to Libya to help understand Obama's foreign policy doctrine, noted the importance of military thinking for humanitarian intervention, heard Tehran's taxi system weas an anarchistic mess, charted a slow path to reform in Egypt, and wondered if the Chinese government (populated by the world's wealthiest lawmakers) could survive without its own reformation process. Anti-"sharia" crusader Frank Gaffney got on his high chutzpah, readers responded to Andrew's essay on the "messy pursuit of what might be happiness," debate sprung up over tax credits for having childern (follow-up here), and America needed an immigrant infusion. Tragedies were tweeted, legacy media withered post-internet, and so did the "classic" porn star. Whaling collapsed, printing organs became possible, norms panoptically powered traffic laws, readers resented jury duty, and a handy video elucidated the reasons behind leap years. AAA here, Yglesias Nominee here, VFYW here, MHB here, and FOTD here.