The GOP’s Youth Problem

Reminding us that "one-third of young evangelical Christian voters opted for Obama in 2008," Peter Levine puts Santorum's truly dismal support from young people in perspective:

The Center for Information and Research on Civic Learning and Engagement (CIRCLE) at Tufts University, of which I’m the director, has been able to estimate youth turnout in the five states where exit polls have been conducted, and in those states combined, Santorum has drawn about 31,000 voters under 30. That puts him in fourth place for the young vote, with less than half as much support as Rep. Ron Paul. In 2008, about 30,000 young voters turned out for Barack Obama in the Iowa caucuses alone. … Paul has obtained a youth following, but even his total number of young votes so far (around 65,000) pales in comparison to Obama’s primary support in 2008. (Obama received as many young votes in the 2008 Florida primary as Paul has drawn in the whole campaign so far.) And Santorum has performed much worse.

The WSJ reports on Ron Paul's appeal among young voters (and congressmen). Obama has yet, however, to reignite his young base. His DEA's war on medical marijuana – even those dispensaries that are strictly complying with state law – does not help.

(Video: Paul is met with an extended standing ovation before an overflow crowd at the 3,700-seat Michigan State University Auditorium on Monday.)