Romney-Huckabee 2012?

Larison counters me:

Huckabee would make an interesting choice [for veep]. It would mean that Romney was tying himself to the person who once said that he had no soul. The Democratic ads would practically write themselves: "Even Mitt Romney’s running mate has said that he has no integrity and will say anything to win an election." It would likely horrify the economic conservatives who found Huckabee so unacceptable last time, and it would also saddle the ticket with Huckabee’s ethical baggage that the media never bothered digging into last time.

Yeah, I hadn't thought of that. A plan better on paper than in reality. A reader also thinks the pairing is implausible:

Okay, so I know Romney is pretty "flexible" when it comes to the indignities he'll suffer for the nomination, but do you really think that after Huckabee asked if Mormons believe that Jesus and the Devil are brothers, that Romney would choose him?  I know that former rivals come together, but Bush Sr. correctly identifying supply-side dogma as voodoo economics is significantly less personal than attempting to leverage electoral gain by impugning one's faith. Could a former leader in the Mormon church really sink that low?

Romney has long since proven he'll do or say anything for power. Sinking low is his specialty. But on balance, almost certainly won't happen. Which in this volatile campaign doesn't count for much any more.