Marriage Equality Update

New polling from Jersey:

Support for same-sex marriage in New Jersey climbs to a new high, 57 – 37 percent, but voters split 48 – 47 percent on whether Gov. Christopher Christie did the right thing in vetoing same- sex marriage legislation, according to a Quinnipiac University poll released today. Voters support 67 – 28 percent Gov. Christie's proposal to let them decide the same-sex marriage issue by placing it on the ballot for a November referendum …

Christie may, in other words, have played this thing rather shrewdly. If marriage equality wins, he can say democracy worked, while touting his veto to the fundamentalist base should he run for president one day (as I hope he does). He could also use the vote to embrace marriage equality himself and tell his own party to get over their increasingly anachronistic obsession with keeping the gays in their second-class place. But I may be letting my hopes overwhelm reality here.

Note also the following:

Support for same-sex marriage is 61 – 32 percent among women and 51 – 44 percent among men. White Catholics support the move 52 – 43 percent while white Protestants are opposed 50 – 42 percent.

The hierarchy has lost their flock on this – again, especially among women. What we're seeing here is along the lines of the Santorum coalition: Christianity American religion is splitting into two factions – most mainstream Catholics, mainline Protestants and Jews vs Theocon Catholics, Christianist evangelicals and Mormons. It's telling to me that this split is really about politics, not religion. The theological divisions are far less important to these groups than political rallying cries.