Barack Obama, Human

Andrew Sullivan —  Mar 1 2012 @ 5:11pm

First he's hot, then he's cool:

Jesse Singal watches the above clip while thinking about Romney:

Sure, Obama doesn’t quite come across as Just Some Guy, but have you ever seen Romney look anywhere close to this natural? Does he ever come across as someone who is simply shooting the breeze about a subject he enjoys? No, and it matters in an election, because of course there’s something to all the old dumb Bush cowboy stuff, in the sense that voters need to feel a sense of connection to a candidate. 

A reader adds:

I think Obama is having fun these days. After Santorum calls him a snob and Romney tries to boost his Average Joe sportsfan cred by talking about his NASCAR owner friends, Obama brings in a sports journalist known as the Sportsguy (can't make this up) and enthusiastically and effortlessly talks about the three major American sports, while dropping names and lingo and playfully bragging about his own game (like the cross-over he did on Chris Paul). Obama the sportsfan is nothing new, but still – he is absolutely toying with his opponents here.

More clips from the interview here.