The Party Of Limbaugh

Rush isn't walking back on anything:

Friedersdorf points out the obvious:

It isn't just that he seems to misunderstand that birth-control pills cost the same whether someone has sex once per month or twice every single day. The problem isn't just that he misrepresented the fullness of her testimony. Beyond all that, he has once again shown himself to be coarse, vulgar, bullying, callous, and needlessly cruel.     

Tod Kelley expects Limbaugh's rant to hurt the party:

For a while now the Right has held tight to the belief that if the ratings are high and whatever you do pisses off other people, you must be doing something right. And in a way, they are correct: Battling contraception and calling women that are on the pill sluts that should have to be taped having sex so they can whack to it does indeed increase ratings, and it does indeed piss off other people.  So they’ve got those things down pat. What it doesn’t do is win elections, contribute to the dialogue we should be having, or make your party particularly relevant.

Massimo Calabresi agrees:

Limbaugh and Santorum’s hostility to contraception will appear to many female voters as an attempt to roll back 50 years of progress for women. Limbaugh’s final over-the-top assertion — that if Fluke wants to be paid by taxpayers for sex, he "want[s] something in return," namely, that she post videos online of herself having sex — just ties up the whole alienating package with a big "Vote for Obama" bow. 

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