Good With Faces, Bad With Names

You're certainly not alone:

[F]aces are given to us – they are there when we look at the person we are thinking about – and all we have to do is know whether we have seen them before or not. Names, on the other hand, are hidden in memory and we have to retrieve them, which is a far harder psychological task.

A trick to remembering:

If there is someone whose name you really need to remember, you should make an image in your mind that connects their name with something you have found out about them, ideally combining both in a striking or absurd image. So, for example, if you meet a Jennifer, and you find out that she is from Alaska, you could imagine her standing in the centre of a snowy town (Alaska is cold, right?) and wearing a fur coat (for JenniFUR). Just spending a few seconds building a mental image around the name will create hooks of memory, which will let you recall the name next time you meet her.