Our Common Thread


Stephanie Hegarty examines why jeans are so widely loved throughout the world:

Indigo doesn't penetrate the cotton yarn like other dyes but sits on the outside of each thread. These molecules chip off over time, causing the fabric to fade and wear in a unique way. "Why did it sell?" asks [Paul Trynka, author of Denim: From Cowboys to Catwalks]. "Because the denim changed as it aged and the way it wore reflected people's lives."

Jeans also have a miraculous ability to stay clean:

Last year a microbiology student at the University of Alberta, Josh Le, wore the same pair of raw denim jeans for 15 months without washing them and then tested their bacterial content. He tested them again two weeks after washing them and found the bacterial content to be much the same.

(Photo by Flickr user jimpg2)